Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Triangle !

There are a couple of years since it had come to my mind the ideea of riding down "the triangle". I have called like that the steep, triangle shaped, valley having the origin under the "Piatra Mare" peak. It can be easily seen from Brasov and it looks impressive.
I have inspected it last autumn in a small walk up to the peak and then I climbed down the valley, eating tasty blueberries. Yummy !
Last Sunday it came the time to proceed. So, here it is the triangle:

And the nasty, altough very beautiful snow fields on the summit part. Leftside begins "the triangle".

My traces in the upper part seeking the best trace downhill, and of course, the best snow. First I have attempted to go down leftside of the peak, but it was soo icy that it made no fun.

Waiting for the photographer, you can see a slope about 45 degrees :

The attempt, nice powder, with small icy parts:

Less heroic was the climb up (in order to continue our tour in the direction of Predeal): some 1 meter powder in the lower part, then an icy face in the upper part, having only my telescopic sticks and my snowboard boots (and no ice pick) was really shitty to dig ladders in the ice :(
The bottom line: it is hard to climb there with the board, but the descent is really funny, I am proud of doing it, maybe next time I'll go down all to way until "7 scari" canyon.

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