Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Malaiesti is Magic !

In the second day of Easter we were about 10 people, 100% Brasov, going up to Malaiesti valley for a ride (5 of us) or for a walk. Great weather and very big snow gave us one of the best days of this winter, and, for sure, the best snow-scape I've get in the last months. And I am also sun-burned !

This is the valley and the future hut:

Another type of turism, less ecological:

Thinking about heliski:

Going up for a ride:

It is hard to advance in the big, hard snow, and outside it is very hot:

Promises of a great free ride session:

Still going up:

Impressive "Scara":

Upwards it is not too steep for us:

So we took leftside, finding a shadowed corridor:

Nice ridge in "Bucsoiul":

Malaiesti tower, on the left the corridor was our target:

Great mountain, great sky:

Vali says hello to you !

Ready to take-off:

Quite hard snow in that zone:

Snow-shoes walkers, (adica rachetzi):

We did another descent, higher up in the valley:

Foot path, ski path, snowboard path:

Avalanches from Bucsoiul, arrived up to the Malaiesti refuge:

Our traces, great mountain set-up:

Down on the valley, there were a lot of natural kickers, you could spend a whole day down there:

Bottom-line: low avalanches risk, altought very much snow, but on the mountain faces the snow was thin, and very big cornishes up on the mountain: it was impossible to ascent towards the high plateau (hornurile Malaiesti). It is worths to stay a couple of days at Malaiesti refuge and to ride down all the valleys and faces of the area. It is more impressive and less populated than Balea.

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Sam said...

Fain blog. Excelente fotografii :) Bafta la multe drumetii d'astea!