Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nepal: Gokyo Ri

View towards Tibetan border from Gokyo Ri peak, at 5357m.

The Gokyo Ri lake, 4800m, the place were we've been forced to camp for 5 days due to the rains and snow falls. Maybe this photo is misleading, the atmosphere up there was quite grim :(
It was funny, that when we were sleeping bad, filling pains in the back, we've said that it is the summit of Mont Blanc which disturbs our sleep :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Destination Nepal

I went to Nepal to see the mountains, and specially the Everest. But instead I have seen the people: the Sherpas, the Newari, the Rais and the other populations ! Hardly you can find people more honest and more friendly in this world. With great pleasure I've taken a lot of photos of them, below there are some examples:

Before leaving from Romania to Nepal the big question for me was: what it will follow afterwards ? shall I ever attempt to climb the Everest or other higher mountains ?! I am always trying to do a "scout" trip in some new places for me before trying more serious approaches...

At one moment the answer had come to me naturally: I'll be back to Nepal ! Probably next year! ... with my mountain bike ! I have in mind at this time the circuit of the Annapurnas, and/or the Tibet: Lhassa and the surroundings and then biking all the way to Kathmandu !
And also with some rafting in program: the Nepal has the best white water in the world !!! And I'll do some canyoning too ! absolutely ! Anyone interested ?!?

How about climbing the Everest ? I'll explain it in another post, illustrated with the J.Krakauer's opinion inside...

Photos ? Yes about 5000, some 1000 lost among them... Surely some of it are among the best I ever made, especially the portraits. But also the mountain photos, the best 2 days in our trek were in Kala Pattar and the Everest base camp, with magnificent views and photos over the top of the world and the Khumbu valley :)
I hope to convince you in the following posts...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nepal: Ama Dablam

As a preview from a long series of future posts about Nepal, some photos of Ama Dablam, the jewel of the Himalayas:

Friday, October 12, 2007


80% of out initial plan we've accomplished ! One week of rain ad heavy snow has shorten our track but the best 2 days were on the Everest base camp and Kala Pattar, (nice photos , coming soon ;))
80% I was healthy, the lack of oxygen, has lead to some appetite and digestive problems, and some kg. losses ;)
The places were beautiful, surely worthing a visit once in the life; at this time I am just hopping to come back soon in Nepal, there are so more things to do...

c.u. soon

Back in Kathmandu :)

After 5 long, boring days of waiting in Lukla, at 2850m, I am back in Kathmandu. No neat, no beer for 25 days, but now I am back in business ;) I'll just go high up on my hotel terrace for a welcome back party right now ;) The 20 flights and 10 helicopter that we've watching today taking off, while waiting in the queue, were too heavy for our nerves, so we need to chill out ... We still don't believe that we're back in Kathmandu, the last 15 days we've dreaming about it...