Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poiana Brasov: Sunday's fun !

Last sunday the weather was even better and we get extra 20 cm of fresh snow. Florinel being "broken" after last day's fun, didn't come with us in that beautiful day. My new ride partners were Garcea and Milu. I must say that I had pain in all my muscles, after the "crazy" saturday, the day with most of the descents of this winter.

So, here is Garcea riding down in the forest (we've specialy left the forrest untouched the day before, to have a great ride on Sunday):

He is riding like the wind :))

And falling like a youghurt box on the asphalt :)))

But it is important to be happy:

And the snow rewards you:

Did you see the cloud ?

The powder you've dreamt about it:

Milu enters the scene, and destroys his first tree:

Alert: man down ! watch out for big holes in the snow !

Milu, explaining his snowboarding technics: the leaf (frunza), the worm (rima), the rolling stone (bolovan rostogalindu-se) etc...

Sorry, I wasn't fast enough to catch Milu riding on, so my friends, no pictures of him up on the board. :D
Did I mention that he twisted its ankle ?! Beware: Snowboarding can be an extreme sport !
Did I tell you how Milu was trying to catch the ski-lift in Ruia ? After a large number of unsuccesful attempts (they stopped the skilift many times for him, his personal best was to arrive at about 8% of the lift traject :=D), he managed to let his board falling down from its feets: the board was running down faster, he crossed a slope and almost hit a poor skier ! a child who was running down with speed in the final portion of the slope, before the teleski. The child desperatelly jumped away from the running board, so it was happy end and not a tregedy, so I could laught at will hanghing in the skilift lol...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poiana Brasov: powder paradise !

Last saturday I shared with Florinel the pleasure of being almost the only ones riding down on "Ruia" slope, enjoying the powder at full speed downhill (i.e. tzeava !) :)))

And now I'm flying, like angels, to the sky !

Monday, March 26, 2007

Poiana Brasov: fabuloussnow ! pure powder joy !

The best snow of this year, right here at the end of March ! One meter powder !

Me, flying on my board ! Pow Pow ! Go, Go !

Maius, miniski (skiboard) addict:

More skiboard action with Rodica:

Ca in revistele lui Gore, alea luate de la Chamonix ! Zapada e de acasa !

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nimik despre Balea !

Sari mai incet ca iesi din anotimp !

Balea: the Ice Church !

Beside the ice hotel, there is a nice church made also from ice.

Here are the riders, praying before go to sleep (or drink ? I don't remember precisely).
You can see "Cina cea de taina" carved in ice. Not with a snowboard, I think.

Ice Jesus on the cross, and some frozen(drunken ?) rider, asleep:

Pana la Dumnezeu te mananca toti sfintii !

No comment (riders secret society!)

Frozen silece:

Balea: the Ice hotel

The Ice hotel from Balea is impressive, about 100m long, and close to 10m high. And is quite wide, with more than 10 chambers. It is freezing inside, about -3 degrees in average. About 50 people worked for one month and a half.

Here is the ice bar:

The entrance hall:

A happy band entres in the ice cave:

A "special" number from Gore, into the hotel room:

Inside another room:

Publicity, "frozen premium beer":

An ice look, or "drinking with Eminescu, thinking at Lucifer":

Ice music:

Drinking with friends. Nope, the hot wine isn't served in ice glasses:

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is Balea !

A picture worths a thousand words, so please enjoy pictures from "Balea" and "Doamnei" valleys.