Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bucegi freeride - part 3: v. Urlatoarea Mica

After the funny descent on Urlatoarea Mare, stopped by hunderds meter walls, we had to find out the real valley, so we climbed up some ridges:

Greu la deal cu boii mici si placile mari:

But the view is breath-taking !

The beggining of the real valley ! and Garea wandering "what the heck I am doing here ?!?"

It looks $%$%... vertical ! Hopfully the snow isn't icy ! and zero is the avalanche risk. (but still remains a high risk of falling rocks, I have really scary experiences in past April(s) on that part of the mountain).
Garcea, here applying "the leaf":

Proudly going down:

A few more turns:

Down there is summer:

When we started to love this valley:

The things became pathetic: narrow valley

Full of rocky steps: (should I mention how Garcea let by accident 'his' board sliding down on the valley, he recovered it tens of meters and steps, i.e. "saritori", lower)

Many avalanche traces, quasi-impossible to ski:

But everything is great when it finishes well ! And we arrived on the marked paths, at about 1350m, no snow, and continued down to Busteni. We have meet a large groups of "versace"-dressed tourists searching for Urlatoarea waterfall, which actually was far below them, and Garcea "guided" them well :-D.
The bottom line is a great day of ride, the best option was chosen, taking into account the high risks on the other valley toward Busteni. Great souvenirs, nice photos.
See you, up there ! Keep riding !

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