Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home, no matter how far...

It is spring out here ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bucegi: v. Morarului: Black&White

Last sunday was very sunny, and I was back on Bucegi like I did a week before. This time Saqe and Iepurasul were my guests, coming from Bucharest. The snow was very stable, frozen, because of winds over 200km/h the days before. We have choosen the best valley to ride: Morarului. I was riding this valley for the third year in a row. Here are some B&W pictures:

On the way to "Omul" peak:

The highest kitten in Romania (the black one:)). It is amazing that it looks 99% like my cat:
Down the valley:

Friday, April 20, 2007

The last ride !

Last sunday it was the last official day of ski of the season. Monday the skilifts were taken down for the long summer sleep !

It was snowing, as you can see:

And the spring stepped back for more days in front of the winter:

Riders till the last inch of snow:

See you next year in Poiana Brasov !

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Earth day !

At least once per year we should think at our beloved Earth and try to do a little something for our planet.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bucegi freeride - part 3: v. Urlatoarea Mica

After the funny descent on Urlatoarea Mare, stopped by hunderds meter walls, we had to find out the real valley, so we climbed up some ridges:

Greu la deal cu boii mici si placile mari:

But the view is breath-taking !

The beggining of the real valley ! and Garea wandering "what the heck I am doing here ?!?"

It looks $%$%... vertical ! Hopfully the snow isn't icy ! and zero is the avalanche risk. (but still remains a high risk of falling rocks, I have really scary experiences in past April(s) on that part of the mountain).
Garcea, here applying "the leaf":

Proudly going down:

A few more turns:

Down there is summer:

When we started to love this valley:

The things became pathetic: narrow valley

Full of rocky steps: (should I mention how Garcea let by accident 'his' board sliding down on the valley, he recovered it tens of meters and steps, i.e. "saritori", lower)

Many avalanche traces, quasi-impossible to ski:

But everything is great when it finishes well ! And we arrived on the marked paths, at about 1350m, no snow, and continued down to Busteni. We have meet a large groups of "versace"-dressed tourists searching for Urlatoarea waterfall, which actually was far below them, and Garcea "guided" them well :-D.
The bottom line is a great day of ride, the best option was chosen, taking into account the high risks on the other valley toward Busteni. Great souvenirs, nice photos.
See you, up there ! Keep riding !

Bucegi freeride - part 2: v. Urlatoarea Mare

Rider in the sky with diamond:

After a nice sleep in the sun, near Pestera we start to climb up, back to Babele:

The heat was terrible, like in the middle of the summer, due to the reflexions of the light in the snow:

Looking back to othe other side of Ialomitzei valley:

People, like termits, near Babele and the Sfinx:

A large field to ride:

Looking towards "Furnica" and "Piatra Arsa":

Draw you line ! This is mine !
By mistake we hade taken the upper part of Urlatoarea Mare Valley:

But it was very beautiful:

Winterscape at its best:

The mountain in gala suit:

Baiului mountains on the other side of Prahova valley, with few chunks of snow:

Part 3 will follow, with the "real" descent, down to Busteni.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Bucegi freeride - part 1: v. Shugarilor

Last saturday we succeded a free ride tour completely new for us, altought I was previously over a hundred times in Bucegi, on all sides of the mountain ! Up to Babale with the cabin, walking to Costila, down to Pestera on Shugailor valley, up to Babale by foot, down to Urlatoarea Mare valley, back to the begining of Urlatorea Mica, ride down the valley until the cliffs baring the valley, down to Busteni by foot ! A 12h tour with two first time ride-down valleys.

Babutzele (the old ladys):

The Sfinx, eroded more by the tourists than the time:

Here is "Costila" and the begining of "Pripon" valley, where with exactly one year before I have started an avalance, of just laid down snow. It was more the scare than the danger. I look forward to return there soon because it is a beautiful valley !
Garcea saluts you, from the front:

And bakside :))) this is the only trick he knows on snowboard at this time :D

Vali on the valley:

Icy, immaculated:

An easy valley:

Easy riders:

Great weather:

Great view:

End of the valley, backward scape:


A little bit more of descent, snow fields:

Draw you line ! I have drawn mine :D
Nobody has clouds like us:

Soon, it will come the second part, Urlatoarea (The Screamer) valley !