Friday, February 15, 2008

Alagna, Valsesia

Between 16-26 February I'll be in Alagna, for some snowboarding, free ride I mean.
It is at the footsteps of the second highest mountain of the Alps: Monte Rosa, with plenty of off piste descents. Let's hope the weather will help us, and maybe we'll get up to Punta Gnifetti at 4550m.
See you in 10 days !
Keep riding ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Piatra Mare: Tamina free ride

Last Sunday we've hiked up to Piatra Mare chalet, on the 7 Ladders path. The skis and rackets were almost useless because of the very wet snow, and because of the already made footprints in the snow. We've got a long and tasty meal at the chalet then we've moved up to the plateau and the direction was Tamina hiking trail. It was so hot that we've barely slide on the snow, fortunately after some pitiful descent we've waxed our skis and then we've slide down faster on the forest road, up to the asphalt of the national road ! That was nice, because in the forest the snow was packed and very wet, impossible to ski that way.

Postavarul: v Lamba, reloaded

After the big snowfalls of last week, I expected to have a great Saturday of skiing . Unfortunately the high temperatures were melting the snow and the big crowd was ravaging the slopes.
I did some nice ride through the forest, some of the descents were a premier for me, with nice powder at the starting point and with almost watery snow towards the finish line. In the evening I decided to go down toward Timis again, on a Lamba valley covered with meters of snow. The snow condition was ok for my board, all the way of the descents, such that in 1 hour and 5 minutes from Kanzel I've arrived near the national road, that was fast, due to the good condition of the forest road in the lower part of the descent.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nepal: beautiful people !

Friday, February 1, 2008

Grohotis: Gherghel and Borat !

Exactly one year later here I am again in Mt. Grohotis this time going up on the Gherghel ridge, from Cheia, parallel to the ridge I've hiked last year.
Actually the snow was much bigger than in the photos below, we went to Bobul Mic and then down a little bit, then up in the grass :D and then all the way down to the valley taking a north slope with enough interesting snow. It was a super winter tour, a little short but with nice weather and views.

Back to the car we have meet Borat, the guy which has processes with 4 countries: Romania, Moldova, Rusia and Kazahstan :)) we didn't succeeded to find out why. But the problem is that the guy has put nails to all the 4 wheels of our car ! just to broke our car because it had some ancient fights with guys from Bucharest and it was too drunk !

more about all this, from Cosmin: