Thursday, May 31, 2007

"The friends of nature"

While our friends were doing some echological actions, we were doing the otherwise:

Sometimes it is not easy to get down the mountain when you reached there on 4*4 and on the return the barrier is locked.

Seeking for the canyon: Tamina

Ten days ago we've continued our quest for the canions, this time in Piatra Mare, tamina gorges. To our surprise the gorges were fully equiped with ladders and in fact only one waterfall was a little bit bigger (8m maybe).

So we headed upward, to some small climbing walls to do some rope techniques:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That was a long road climbing up !

Last saturday I've decided to do some "exploration" on my mountain bike: Brasov - Sacele - valea Garciniului - valea Azugii - cab. Susai - Predeal - Brasov: a tour of about 60 km but with more than 800m of positive level difference. I did it very fast, in about 4h, but all the efforts were to be payed in the next days...

On the forrest track:

Neamtzului mountains:

"Susai" is today mode than a refuge !

Some bike photos, of course, but taken around Brasov, some other time:

Friday, May 25, 2007

Seeking for the Canyon

It was supposed to be our first canyon this season. Gaura valley in Bucegi has the greatest potential for canyoning, in Brasov area. Saturday the weather went bad, with a lot of rain and water in the river, 13C degrees outside temperature.

We've recognized the area around the Canyon, looking for how many anchors to put for a safe descent, and where to put them, taking into account the rocks fragility (bad conglomerates).

Close to the canyon exit:

A small waterfall:

The last watherfall of the canyon, about 12m high. Just behind it, there is another 12m waterfall, not seen in thes picture:

The biggest waterfall of the canyon, as we know until now, about 25-30m height. Just a small fraction here:

The narrowest zone of the canyon, in the backgroud it is the entrance in the canyon with an 18m waterfall:

The entracne in the canyon:

Going down, toward Bran:

Bike, mountain bike !

One evening, this week, we did a nice descent from Poiana Brasov to Rasnov, visiting "Bisericutza Paganilor" si "Pestera Rasnoavei".

A less kown view toward Postavarul:

And toward Bucegi mnt.

"Rasnov" cave entrance:

It is not easy to push the bike uphill:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wild Romania !

Each week I am keeping on meeting wild animals in the forest. Last saturday it was a Salamander close to village of Simon, in Bucegi. Last week it was a wild goat in Piatra Craiului, one week before it was a fox in Cheile Rasnoavei, another week before a wild boar in Bran, Bucegi, another week before it was a herd of bitches and stags on Piatra Mare, and even before it was a bear in Grohotis mountains. Many other times I've just heard the sound of the branches (even yesterday night in Postavarul it was an incident like this).

Well, the salamander was the easiest one to photograph, for the other animals there is no chance to surprise them on camera, they move very fast !

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spring in the City

These photo are taken around my home in Brasov, in some rare moments when the lake is not covered by weed.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rolling on a river

Mountain biking around Poiana Brasov, some devastated (by deforestation) touristic paths, towards "Cheile Rasnoavei"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Piatra Craiului - Calinetz: as we like it !

The summer is comming ! And last sunday the weather was even better and hotter than in the summer ! It's already the half of May and there was no Piatra Craiului trip for me this year ! Quit hard to beleave, but I had a great winter of snowboarding.

Finally the day to return in the most spectacular mountain of the country had come !
And it was a fully snow-covered Padina lui Calinetz climbing route the one which opened the ball !

"Malul galben":

Padina lui Calinetz:

Daneza la "scara de fier":

Going up:

The main ridge is in sight:

Upper zone:

"Tzimbalul mic":


"Diana towers":

A look towards "Turnul" and "Zarnesti" city:

"Padina Popii":

"Zici c-au trecut ani,
Dusi am fost,
Iata, azi ne-am intors acasa !"