Monday, April 16, 2007

Bucegi freeride - part 1: v. Shugarilor

Last saturday we succeded a free ride tour completely new for us, altought I was previously over a hundred times in Bucegi, on all sides of the mountain ! Up to Babale with the cabin, walking to Costila, down to Pestera on Shugailor valley, up to Babale by foot, down to Urlatoarea Mare valley, back to the begining of Urlatorea Mica, ride down the valley until the cliffs baring the valley, down to Busteni by foot ! A 12h tour with two first time ride-down valleys.

Babutzele (the old ladys):

The Sfinx, eroded more by the tourists than the time:

Here is "Costila" and the begining of "Pripon" valley, where with exactly one year before I have started an avalance, of just laid down snow. It was more the scare than the danger. I look forward to return there soon because it is a beautiful valley !
Garcea saluts you, from the front:

And bakside :))) this is the only trick he knows on snowboard at this time :D

Vali on the valley:

Icy, immaculated:

An easy valley:

Easy riders:

Great weather:

Great view:

End of the valley, backward scape:


A little bit more of descent, snow fields:

Draw you line ! I have drawn mine :D
Nobody has clouds like us:

Soon, it will come the second part, Urlatoarea (The Screamer) valley !

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