Monday, April 2, 2007

Jumpin' Jack day !

Last saturday the weather was changing: clouds, sun, clouds, heavy snow... So I've arrived very late in Poiana BRasov, knowing that it is very difficult to make long tours, as the snow melted down of the ski slopes. So, it remains to take the shitty teleski in the upper part of the domain. A real pain in the ass for the boarders and co... So, I've amused myself taking pictures of Marius, his brother and other ski monitors and "pro" riders. Also I've squated the forrest around the Postavarul peak for more powder. And there is ! I've even managed to provoke small avalanches near the summit ridge. The end of the day was the Rossignol party down the slopes, with free meal and beverages and music (afterski party CDs).

But here there are the most spectacular photos of the day !

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