Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer ride !

Vienna, Danube:

Bucegi: the hidden waterfalls

Last sunday, I was visiting the "alpinet" camp (here we are: http://alpinet.org/main/foto/showfoto_ro_t_intalnirea-alpinet-2007_item_61129_gal_0_vot_0_position_1.html).
Being on the f#$@& road back from Vienna I had lost the nice saturday walk. Sunday was very hot and everybody was tired and on their way back home. I've decided to explore Urlatoarea Clincei, a less known unmarked valley on the Bran side of Bucegi, at the shade of the forrest, away from the canicular weather arround. The ideea was to see if it is possible to go down all the the valley starting from Cincea, in the winter with my snowboard (partially I did it on 1 Mai, see my blog).

What I have found was a feast of waterfalls, some of them well hidden from any path.

Saqe was a great model for me, she didn't hesitate to get wet in the waterfall, for the sake of the art ;) 10x !

Practicing the jumps for the winter ride ;)

Higher up on the valley, there can be found more very interesting waterfalls, altought the acces to them was even harder, and the possibilities to photograph them were close to zero.
Definitely, a further visit is imposing, the canyoning devil calls :D

We've went up until the water dissapeared on the bed rock of the valley.

A clear path lies on the left side of the valley, it is sure that we can go up to Clincea all that way. Nice walls guard this path and I don't see any races of rock climbing there, altought the terrain looks very promising ! Who will be the first ?
There were full of traces of animals, very fresh, like these bear tracks, which remainded us that we were in a very wild and hostile terrain ! Look how big it was !

The botton line: quite close to the civilization, these places look like the end of the world, impressive scenery, surprisingly beautiful waterfalls: I'll be back to explore more of it !
Some red point marked trail "leads" to the Urlatoarea Clincei waterfall (the first photo ?!? ). The signs are very rare, no table about where you are and where the paths goes (in fact it is a circuit !), no footprints on this trail, heading in the middle of the raspberries bushes ! Quite an "original" style of marking the paths.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Podragul, patria lacurilor...

Preview of our tour on Fagaras mnt. with the lakes around Podragul.

Ursul la Turnuri !

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Take this waltz...

Didn't see that comin'

Last week I was for two day in Vienna, the capital of the Eastern Kingdom.

Living in a city where the cultural events are more rare than the pinguins, I was impressed by the shining of the city and the daily open air concerts and many other events.

KunstHistorische Museum:

In front of Hopfburg:


A strage tree of lights, with a cameraman on top of it !

Andre Rieu, the dutch guy which reinvented the walts, in a megashow near hopfburg:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ciucas: Zaganul

On the first december 2006 long weekend I was in 4 mountains in 3 days. First hike was on Zaganul, with a steep direct descent towards Cheia.

The clouds level was low, giving a nice 360 degrees perspective over the mountains around. We remained a number of hours in Gropsoarele, firing a lot of pictures.

Omul orchestra !

La Trofeul Brasovului a avut loc o reprezentatie la instrumente de suflat traditionale, unele de mult uitate: frunza, dramba, fluiere, nai si altele de care nici nu stiam ca au existat vreodata:

Monday, July 16, 2007

O demonstratie de fortza...

My new Nikon D40x power by the superb Nikkor 55-200 VR lenses:

Emi, Caprioara, Monica, Milu, Marius, Cezar... 10x !
The phots were taken in Piatra Mare, while I was trying to find the trail for Brasov Trophy.