Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bucegi freeride - part 2: v. Urlatoarea Mare

Rider in the sky with diamond:

After a nice sleep in the sun, near Pestera we start to climb up, back to Babele:

The heat was terrible, like in the middle of the summer, due to the reflexions of the light in the snow:

Looking back to othe other side of Ialomitzei valley:

People, like termits, near Babele and the Sfinx:

A large field to ride:

Looking towards "Furnica" and "Piatra Arsa":

Draw you line ! This is mine !
By mistake we hade taken the upper part of Urlatoarea Mare Valley:

But it was very beautiful:

Winterscape at its best:

The mountain in gala suit:

Baiului mountains on the other side of Prahova valley, with few chunks of snow:

Part 3 will follow, with the "real" descent, down to Busteni.

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