Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ciucas: v. Berii free ride

I've tried to ride down the Tigai valley, as in the last year's April, but the very bad weather condition in the altitude prevented us to attempt to reach Ciucas peak. Finally we have reached the refuge, and went back on Berii valley.

The journey begins in a beautiful meadow with a lake, now overed with snow.

These are the remains of the chalet, in windy and cold weather.

The very strong wind blows all the snow.

Frozen pattern.

Dinner at about -20 C. It turned short as I started to fell the hypothermia bitting.

View from the "window".

The bottom of the valley, close to the ex-chalet.

I had to broke some sticks in order to pass through. It was like in a computer game :) (remember Prince of Persia ?)

More obstacles, twice I had to climb up, do to the lack of enough snow.

Here is the end of the line, very close to the national road.

Snowboard school on "Bradul"

This weekend I had two very talented "students": Carmen and Bogdan.

Go ! Go ! keep on the edge !

Doing other sports helped them to advance quickly in drawing curves on the snow and to dig less holes :))

A well deserved moment of rest:

Meanwhile I was checking the forests above (hehe).

And there is some powder well preserved for those which know where to look at.
The final descent, together with Milu & Thekla.

St. Anton Rider !

we don't know him, but this a typical free rider for St. Anton .

We were soooo many ...

...Even for my wide angle lenses !

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Here you can find Lucian's web page:
And here Bogdan Coman's blog:
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Important: Don't eat yellow snow !

A cigar makes u (look) smarter !

Specially blended with the grass, the air and the snow of St. Anton.

Blow in the wind ....

heeey ! what a strong wind we had ! It couldn't move mountains, but surely it had moved all the snow away !

Fairy-tale snow

In the first 5 day of our holllyday in St. Anton it was snowing like in a spellbound.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The falling angels !

It is nice to jump, but unfortunatelly you also have to land :( Here you can see how did our heros managed to "gently" touch the ground.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The day of the jumps !

Some of us enjoyed to jump. Here we have a nice collection of them (more of them or on the films). 10x to Coman, Lucian, Mitza, Lupu, Saqe & co.... Enjoy ! (and wait ot see the landings :))))