Thursday, August 23, 2007

Schneeberg: Weichtalklamm, Turmstein, Klosterwappen

Last weekend I'we planned to go to Hochschwab, but the difficulty to go there, (because I had to get up at 5.00 in the morning, after the previous evening lan party) has changed my plans. So here I am running after the train towards Schennberg/Rax. I've managed to catch the train, one minute before leaving (sometihing usual for me :D) but bad surpride: the train doesn't have place for the bicicles, so I cannot get up in the train. I am very dissapointed.. one more hour to wait, so I've decided to visit Wiener Neustadt (a boring city)... And this means that I'll begin again my walk at noon :(
So here, I am again on my bike (Matterhorn calling ?!) heading again towards Weichtal hutte, 3 days latter.

The follow up of the weekend will be much more impressive: 6 new via ferrata made, 5000m positive level difference climbed and over 200km biking ! (all that from wednesday to sunday, and 2 day of work in between, of course :D)

First I've did Weichtalklamm, a beautiful canion, much longer than "7 scari" and Turmstein, a short via ferrata above a refuge. Then I've reaceh for the second time Klosterwappen, 2076m, the top of Lower Austria region. (the starting point, Weichtal refuge is at about 550m heigh)

The flat area on top of Schneeberg: there are also a modern and an historical train which arrive up to the plateau.

Some red rocky areas (Marele Grohotis ?):

The Klosterwappen peak is in the background, (last year in May it was terrible foggy, that we could barely see at 2 meters ahead us, luckily there were traces on the snow... ) Now it was a kid's game to walk up there.

Limestones mountais are a paradise of the climbers...

After a 7h30min tour I was back at Weichtal hutte for a nice austrian mountain evening at the refuge, and an overnight sleep (in "lager" :D)

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