Monday, August 6, 2007

Bike: Curmatura and higher up !

We've just had another wekend of bad weather, this time rain instead of overheat !
My ... job had wasted me another weekend: everybody was at the sea, so here I am wandering alone with my bike.

It was a fast tour this time: 1h 45 min. from the center of Zarnesti to Curmatura, on bike, and then another hour and 10 minutes to climb up on Piatra Mica and to return to Curmatura. Of course I've could take the bike with me, up to Piatra Mica :D but I hadn't see any reason to do that :P (for the moment...).

Old hut, old firmament... we write history here ... or what ?

Encouragements for those who dare...

My way back was through Zanoaga, a great ride down, I didn't expected to be so easy, low technical skills required, over 95% of the descent I was on my bike: Ride ON !

The weather was all the time menacing, but I've hadn't any drop of rain :)

But the storm is approaching and this cross clearly fitts the picture:

And maybe it is a good opportunity to think a little of those great men we've just lost:
Pittis - all those teen hippy years, and the most wanted radio show in my life "Pittis show"
Pintea - and all those movies with haiducs, the joy of every small boy
Paler - I've read almost all his books, for me was the most marcant contemporaneous cultural personality since Sorescu has gone...

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