Thursday, August 9, 2007

Extreme biking: printre colti de caine si colti de munte !

This tour was a month ago, after the Brasov Trophy and another weekend day spent on the road coming from Vienna :(((
So, on a short afternoon tour I've left on my bike Zarnesti to Magura - Pestera - La Table - Prapastiile Zarnestiilor. In fact quite a long tour, about 800m of level difference.

Here are some images from Magura village:

Dorel ! take care with that ladder !

Bucegi in the background:

Summer geometry:

Here I was entering Piatra Craiului paturages:

Full of dogs and strange shepards, Mioritza country:

The wolves are coming here each night.

The fear factor peak it was near "La Table" with some crazy big old dogs, that you can read in their eyes their thirst for blood, you are just a piece of meat for them ! brrrr ! beware, and keep out ! Personally I've regreted of not having a gun with me...
Don't look further I've no picture with them...
Well, beyond that it was a very nice ride down on my bike from "La Table" through Zarnesti gorges ! A great scenery and another scary episode: trees/rocks falling down from the higher ridges until just in the middle of the narrow road ! I was on the bike so I've ridden away !

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