Friday, June 15, 2007

The spellbound of Piatra Craiului

It was a full Piatra Craiului weekend having 2 targets: doing the complete ridge in one day and taking nice down/sunrise pictures.

The first target was a succes: day 1: Plaiul Foii - Umerii - Marele Grohotis - Braul Rosu - Saua Funduri.
day 2: Funduri - Creasta Sudica - Creasta Nordica (Ascutit) - Braul Cioranga Ramura de sus - Plaiul Foii.

The weather was just fine for walking, with 10 mim. of heavy rain each day. The Funduri shelter really sucks: it's well hidden, it's bad designed and it's unfinished - a pure romanian job :(
I can explain you more, if interested... So, I couldn't sleep all the night, ask Iulia ;))

About the second target, it's yours to judge:

Florinel on Braul Rosu:

Sunset from the south ridge:

Iezer, last sunday:

Plaiul Foii, sunday late afternoon, all the rains and clouds were over.

Bottomline: it was great to do again the main ridge, after so may years and having great companions. I was surprised to see that we've completed the north ridge in 1h30min. with more than 15kg in the backpack, and with some rain and wet rocks.
So, I think that it is very feasible to do the complete ridge: Turnul - Funduri in 4h, light walking, no running. I look forward to do it soon, on the route Botorog - Piatra Mica - Turnul - Funduri - Table - Botorg. A nice one day walk, about 11h le's say. Call me if u r interested.
Complete details on Cesar's page:

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