Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Leaota: like the salmons...

... going upward the river !

Last saturday we were ready for a nice adventure in Piatra Craiului, but driving up from Brasov we've seen the full leaded coloured ski over the mountain, so we've took the wise (as we've seen later) decision to go in Leaota. Some of us we've reach Piatra Craiului the next day.

We've choosen an unmarked valley starting from Moieciu, next to "Santilia" ridge and Fundatica village. After less than 2 hours of easy walking we;ve reached the main ridge, passing through fields of flowered rhododhendron and blueberries (do not rush, they are still green !)

Mist on the other side of the main ridge.

We've decided to walk toward the main peak (in the background):

The sheeps were back in the mountain:

Some nice swamp with some not so nice sky:

Great hikers ! my friends :D

Drowned ?

Sheeps and shepard in action ! "Mioritza" country !

Bucegi in sight:

Moieciu valley and Fundata Village:

Moieciu typical landscape !

On this ridge we've hopped to come back...

to be continued...

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