Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Air Bucegi

Sunday was a big day ! After saturday's storm we were eager to do a great mountain tour. And it was ! Five mountaineers (and later on we were nine !) started the assault of the ridges going to Vf. Omu, top of Bucegi. The chosen upgoing path was "Creasta Balaurului (Bucsoiul Mic)" and the return path was "Creasta Morarului - Braul Mare al Morarului". The weather was perfect with 16C degrees at 14 o'clock, when in the country was 38C ! Going to nothern parts of Bucegi was the right choice.

Caraimanul and Blidul Uriasilor:

Balaurul, keeping the entry of the ridge:

A glimps of Creasta Morarului, our way back:

Starting the ascent of Balaur ridge:

On Balaur:

Here I did an extra optin, while my friends were heading to Omul: view of Balaurul ridge from Bucsoiul Peak:

Meteo Omul, spaceship:

On top of the top, of the top... You can't go any higher !

Costila Rocket:

Our way down, near Acele Morarului:

Edelweiss, floare de colt....

The girl and the ogre:

Hurry up, it's time to return safe home:

"Creasta ascutita", maybe the most aerial ridge on a non alpine route (without technical materials). (adica un loc f.f. bun de plantat morcovi :D)

I've returned on the ridge, trying to get a better photo:

Climbing down the ridge, (it is the piramyd shaped one, on top of the photo, the rightside of the sun)

Sunset view of Costila north face, with Urzicii valley:


Alex said...

Servus! Noi (eu si 6 colegi) am facut Creasta Acelor duminica 24 iunie. Nu cumva ne-am intalnit pe creasta inainte de Acul de Sus (cum vii dinspre Omu)? Voi erati cei care dadeati cu pietre? :)

Laurentiu Barza said...

Asa e, se pare ca nu v-am nimerit :D