Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Leaota: Pink Mioritza

This is the river bed on which we have climbed up to the ridge.

The rhododendron presence, made our walk a feast:

It's time to get down, but the sun started to shine after a long time of shadow, making us very happy:

cause the best light for photos is at sunset:

and we have Bucegi in the background, Bogdan is the subjet and the pink bushes tells us the story:

we are somwhere farther away from our initail path:

and the small path will dissapear a little bit lower, near the forrest:

well, after 7 week-ends in a row snowboarding and/or hiking in Bucegi mnts., this will be the first one in which I'll just photograph it from farther away

Hard to believe, but is 20.00h in the evening, best weather and light that day.

Finally we've found a belt-like sheep path which leads us toward another small ridge and then back in our valley, and back to our car.

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