Friday, May 25, 2007

Seeking for the Canyon

It was supposed to be our first canyon this season. Gaura valley in Bucegi has the greatest potential for canyoning, in Brasov area. Saturday the weather went bad, with a lot of rain and water in the river, 13C degrees outside temperature.

We've recognized the area around the Canyon, looking for how many anchors to put for a safe descent, and where to put them, taking into account the rocks fragility (bad conglomerates).

Close to the canyon exit:

A small waterfall:

The last watherfall of the canyon, about 12m high. Just behind it, there is another 12m waterfall, not seen in thes picture:

The biggest waterfall of the canyon, as we know until now, about 25-30m height. Just a small fraction here:

The narrowest zone of the canyon, in the backgroud it is the entrance in the canyon with an 18m waterfall:

The entracne in the canyon:

Going down, toward Bran:

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