Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ecoul Malinului: when the crazy riders meet !

Saturday was the 10th edition of this unique free ride event in Romania: in Bucegi mountains, below Costila rocket, lies the terrific valley of Malin, very very steep, but still posible to ski on it.

About 100 skiers and boarders, the "cream" of romanian free ride, were at the depart of the contest.

Very spectacular falls, like on "real TV" were very common, hopefully no incidents took place:
Each rider has choosen his own route, the entry point in the valley was the climax of the ride:

Riders waiting for their turn:

Somewhere below, where the snow ends, it is the finish line

Skiboards, the new wave:

The gathering:

Watch for that rock, dude !

Old, but "new wave" rider:

Some acrobatic exit from the valley:

The winners take it all !

Next year it is your turn... From my poin tof view, I'll be there with a more performat photo equipment, teleobjective lenses and a fast shooting camera is the mandatory for high quality photos in this kind of events... Now I'm thinking of Verbier...

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