Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Malin: in the heart of the mountain

Last saturday free ride took place for the 4th weekend in a row in Bucegi mountains: the Malin valley, just one week before the (in-) famous free ride contest. Malin is a nice valley in the summer and a challenge in the winter, specially if the snow is icy. You have more choices to ride down but also some mandatory passages, in quite narrow canyons. With the snowboard it is quite demanding, because you don't have to much space for the turns, and usually in the narrow parts there are a lot moguls of frozen snow form the avalanches. Also, the end of the valley is quite unexpected and then you have to find an exit using neighbouring valleys.

Some people are cheating and they are taking local transportation:

By the way, we had quite a "discution" with the driver, at Costila TV station:

The beginning of the valley:

Coman, "the ratrak skier" , warming up:

Ursuleatza, free-rider-itza:

Coman, preparing an entry for the next week's contest:

The jump - how many points ?!?

The fall: all the poins are lost :(((

Marius, the rider with stainless-steal bones:

In the upper part the snow was very wet, with a fresh layer of snow sliding down at the smallest movement:

Ride on:

In the canyon:

Crossing Pripon valley:

The sudden end of the ride, on the right side you can see the exit, through the trees.

Another kind of ride, with the clinet's material, adrenaline rush

Marius, in the field with flowers:

The return of the rider:

More flowers:

The rest of the rider

Wrong season ?!

Blue team, mission accomplished !

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