Friday, May 4, 2007

Bucegi as you don't know it, the outer realm !

Lasat saturday, one day before going to Balea I did a free ride in Bucegi, starting from Bran.
The ideea was to arrive up on Clincea and to find out some ride down the mountain.

View towards Clincea, Ciubotea, Scara:

I've climbed the mountains high and walked among the clouds, I've reached the outer realms

Clincea sentinel:

Up on Clincea it was hard snowing:

There it is Tiganesti and Bucsoiul:

Upon the highest mountain, way up by the horizon, lies an ancient path ...

The path of the gods !
There by the boundaries of seldom broken lines Lies the way ... (Urlatoarea Clincei, with my line)

I still dream of the mountains , where I used to be a king. King of all outer realms. How I wish to return !

Lake of tears, 10x !

There are more to say about this ride on unbeatten paths, just to mention the face-to-face with a wild boar...

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