Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Canyoning: Riolan is number one !

Here it is Riolan, maybe the most beautiful canyon of about 300 canyons in Les Alpes Maritimes. The very narrow walls, sometimes below 1 m wide with very long swiming parts are the specificity of this canyon, take good care at the weather condition, a rise in the water level didn't leave you many possibilities of escape !
I've did Riolan for the third time, with a great emerald water and a nice sunshine. Due to the perfect condition we've finished it very fast, in about 2h15min. compared to 6h for the previous descent. There were a lot of groups there, leaded by profesional guides, we've even meet some romanian girl doing its first canyon there.
As I've already known that this canyon is guarded by vipers, which live in a paradise right there... So it was no surprise to cross a big one this time. It is their territory, please do not disturb them !

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