Monday, June 9, 2008

Bike: Zamora

Two days ago we were hesitating between going riding the snowboard on the north valleys of Bucegi or going biking... Finally we decided to do some mountain bike towards vf. Omu but our late arrival in Busteni, the very long queue at the cable car and the raindrops started to fall in the city have changed our mind again... The idea was to ride up in Baiului on Zamora forest road and to drop down in Azuga, via Sorica ridge !
The beginning of the trip went fine until a first heavy rain fall... After a forced break, we've managed to climb up to the alpine pastures and to have our lunch when the sky went dark, a strong wind have begun, and the mist was coming down. We were at 1550m and the ridge was above 1800, but in this conditions the only option was to go down ! All in all, it was a nice trip, riding my new bike it was a great pleasure, what a pity not to finish the tour this time ! Someday... we will come back !

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