Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ciucas: Gropsoarele and v. Tigailor

Last Sunday due to the high avalanches risk in the neighboring mountains, I've decided that it is the time to go in Ciucas, for the annual spring descent from the peak on Tigailor valley.
We've driven up to "Muntele Rosu"and then hiked up on nice flower fields near Gropsoarele.
There it was a funny ride down on some little valley and then on the trail again to Cab. Ciucas and towards the peak. It was quite a big snow and nobody was happy... Until we've reached the peak, there the view was great and the snow was perfect :) The upper part had snow a little bit hard, with a soft layer above, just nice to go full speed downhill. On the lower part of Tigailor valley the snow was very wet and hard to slide slide down. We had to stop about two hundred meters before the big step. Then hike down and up to Muntele Rosu. And then a very tasty dinner in Sacele, Angelescu ;)

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