Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bucegi: fleosc, fleosc !

Last Saturday I've tried again to do a valley in Bucegi, after the failed attempt 6 days ago, due to the very bad weather. This time the wind was not strong enough, so we've took up the cable car to Babele. There it was hot enough such that even with my snow shoes, I was sinking deep to my knees :( I was horrible, I did 2 hours until the "Ceardac" the starting point downwards Ialomita valley. The snow was still to wet, not good at all for skiing and the girls were between comic and pathetic with their toy-skis...

Then after we've cross Sugarilor valley we went up to Babele and the we headed towards Urlatoarea valley. The girls had followed the Schiel trail down to Busteni, while I've really enjoyed riding down "Urlatoarea Mica" valley: perfect firn snow, zero chances of avalanches, soft snow in the lower part of the valley, it was the perfect time ! Too bad that in 15 min., photos included, I was down on the Schiel path crossroad.

Iuliana had written more in details, here: http://alpinclick.blogspot.com/2008/04/

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