Monday, March 5, 2007

Jump session in Poiana Brasov

Saturday March 3 we had planned to come back to Poiana Brasov, after the nice taste of snow taken a day before.
The day started very bad: I didn't found my keys, I got late, I got a speeding ticket from the police :( because of a F%&#@&# rally, the weather looked bad and the snow was VERY icy after many hours of rain (instead of snow) the night before.

So, in the morning I have remained on "Bradul" with my "students" Carmen and Bogdan which this time they were moving very nice with the skis and with the board respectivelly. They'we made an impressive progress in just one week ! I have tried different stances on my board: "fakie" is still to be learned, while "duck" stance looked soo easy that almost all the day I have rided in "duck", until I got pain in my knees.

On "Bradul" I had the opportunity to shoot some Jumps of Marius and others...

An noon we have moved up in the mountain, where the snow was softer now, for more jump sessions.

"Postavarul" peak above 1799m.

Milu and Thekla have joined us again this day !

In the evening another jump sesion on Bradul. But not before testing for the first time in my life the ski boards, just one week after the world championships. They are very easy to master, specially if you know how to ski or how to skate. Thanks a lot to Marius for this opportunity !

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