Monday, March 19, 2007

Balea: the set up

11 riders from Bucharest, Timisoara and Brasov decided to go to Balea in 16-18 March weekend.
Our first Balea expedition of the year, it was the opportunity to ride again beside my friends, after the St. Anton raid.
The snow was at the rendez-vous.

Meteo guys keep saying about 4 degree avalanches warning.

Strong electricity pole ! Isn't it ?

Balea valley: we did just one ride / day ! The small(old) cabin of 14 persons costs 15 lei: approx. 5 euros/person.

Leaving our lodge on the way up to Doamnei valley:

Hard is the way up, with our big equipment and our small engines:

But easy ride down !

Looking back: Paltinul area.

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Emil said...

Super fain, vreau si eu