Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Day: Morarul valley, Bucegi

Finally on the 1st of May I've remained around Brasov, and we got nice weather in order to do a valley in Bucegi. This time it was Morarul, the traditional yearly descent. This time the snow on the plateau was frozen enough in order to advance at a fast peace towards Omul: in less than 2 hours we were there :)

The window of "Cabana Omul"

This is the main entrance in the "cabana", totally under snow ! In fact I was staying there around without noticing this hole in the snow until the cabana keeper suddenly rise up from the snow ! It was quite a surprise !

The first glacial circus have got a very nice snow to ride down ! Then the snow was to wet to enjoy...

A lot of mountain goats were enjoying the scenery :D

It was enough snow to arrive up to the marked hiking trail at the end of the valley.

A "leurda" field, a very healthy plant !

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