Friday, February 1, 2008

Grohotis: Gherghel and Borat !

Exactly one year later here I am again in Mt. Grohotis this time going up on the Gherghel ridge, from Cheia, parallel to the ridge I've hiked last year.
Actually the snow was much bigger than in the photos below, we went to Bobul Mic and then down a little bit, then up in the grass :D and then all the way down to the valley taking a north slope with enough interesting snow. It was a super winter tour, a little short but with nice weather and views.

Back to the car we have meet Borat, the guy which has processes with 4 countries: Romania, Moldova, Rusia and Kazahstan :)) we didn't succeeded to find out why. But the problem is that the guy has put nails to all the 4 wheels of our car ! just to broke our car because it had some ancient fights with guys from Bucharest and it was too drunk !

more about all this, from Cosmin:

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