Sunday, January 6, 2008

The white simphony

The very few post in the last period of time have a good explanation: I was in holiday and I did a lot of free ride, with my board, or even some winter hikes. Here there is a list of them (the photos will follow) :

- Postavarul V. Seaca
- Postavarul V. Lamba
- Bunloc
- Ciucas, Bratocea, V Tigailor
- Predeal forest ride
- Azuga Cazacul
- Postavarul from Solomon's rocks
- Leaota Dudele
- Gurghiu, Bogdan's rocks, Saca volcano crater

There was no new snow, but there was plenty of powder, if you know where to find it ;)

And here there is my new free ride mantra: "There is no deep forest, only too large turns!"
rom. "Nu exista padure deasa, doar viraje prea largi"

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