Monday, December 10, 2007

Ssssuuuperrr Model !

... Burton Supermodel ! it is my new snowboard and last weekend the big layer of snow allowed me to try it for the first time.
It is like passing at a higher level of ride and slide because of the new technologies incorporated in the board (Supermodel is about 7 years younger that my old Johan board...). It is smaller lighter faster, most responsive and the first tests in the forests of Poiana Brasov were astonishing :) Thumbs up ! and a big thanks to Mishu for recommending and bringing me this board !

The snow was like this, below, on Saturday and Sunday and my friends were in a great shape too ;)

A big thumb down to 'copos' for his visit in Poiana Brasov, leading at a significant rise in the price of cable transportation :((( but without any improvements of the ski domain...
70 lei for 4 hours of ski is more expensive than in Austria of France...

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ovidiu iordache said...

bine mai arat in pozele astea, doamne!