Monday, November 5, 2007

Vai ! Vai ! VaiDa !

This Saturday, in Vaida Mt., Grohotis mountains, playing the wild pigs (sau, de departe mistretzeala anului...)

What was supposed to be a nice, quite walk, with a girl and a dog, had become a "survivor" episode. Well, actually we didn't get lost, because we knew from the beginning that there is no marked path, and we also knew that the forest is young, so no passage through...

We manage to leave very late from Babarunca, but we taken up a small creek's valley and we actually managed to get on top of the ridge in less than two hours. We had a very nice view towards Ciucas, Bucegi, Piatra Mare, Tesla, Neamtului and Grohotis and we've shoot some pictures with the beautiful landscape. We've walked up to Vaida peak and we've waited for the sunset. To get down, we followed some suggestion, not to take down to Doftana valley but to take down towards our car...
We've been lucky to manage to get through a not so dark forest and in about 2 hours we're down, next to the national road, but with no way to cross Tarlung river, which I didn't expected to be so big (with my canyoning training I've estimated over 300l/s) So, here we are walking in the forest, dark, steep, wet, swampy... Quite a lot of km to return, two more hours of dirty walk, and we've arrived at the car, which was on our side of the river... Time: 21.20h :( So, the next day I've taken a break, I had enough forest for the moment !

Tarlung lake:

Bratocea ridge, in Ciucas, with the first snow:

View toward Vaida, the peak is on the top left:

Sunset from Vaida peak 1537m: Bobul Mare and Bobul Mic are in the background:

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