Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Destination Nepal

I went to Nepal to see the mountains, and specially the Everest. But instead I have seen the people: the Sherpas, the Newari, the Rais and the other populations ! Hardly you can find people more honest and more friendly in this world. With great pleasure I've taken a lot of photos of them, below there are some examples:

Before leaving from Romania to Nepal the big question for me was: what it will follow afterwards ? shall I ever attempt to climb the Everest or other higher mountains ?! I am always trying to do a "scout" trip in some new places for me before trying more serious approaches...

At one moment the answer had come to me naturally: I'll be back to Nepal ! Probably next year! ... with my mountain bike ! I have in mind at this time the circuit of the Annapurnas, and/or the Tibet: Lhassa and the surroundings and then biking all the way to Kathmandu !
And also with some rafting in program: the Nepal has the best white water in the world !!! And I'll do some canyoning too ! absolutely ! Anyone interested ?!?

How about climbing the Everest ? I'll explain it in another post, illustrated with the J.Krakauer's opinion inside...

Photos ? Yes about 5000, some 1000 lost among them... Surely some of it are among the best I ever made, especially the portraits. But also the mountain photos, the best 2 days in our trek were in Kala Pattar and the Everest base camp, with magnificent views and photos over the top of the world and the Khumbu valley :)
I hope to convince you in the following posts...

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