Monday, September 10, 2007

Nepal: 14 september, the big day !

So, there are few days left before our depart to Nepal: on 14 September we'll take the plane (actually we'll change 4 planes ! ) on the route:
Bucharest - Turkey - Bahrain - Nepal Kathmandu - Nepal Lukla
Our impacience grows, but the weather forecast is terrible on the way: heat and humidity, real feel temperatures up to 51 C ! in Bahrain and over 40 C in Kathmandu, where we'll stay about 3 days before leaving toward Namche Bazaar, Hymalaia.

Sunday it is planed that we'll step on Nepaleese soil, the Kathmandu airport is waiting for us with its inscription:

“It is not for you to Change Nepal, but for it to Change You”

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