Monday, July 16, 2007

Windy mountain

Definetly Ciucas deserves the names of windy mountain. Last winter the wind chill was sooo strong that we had to go back at the middle of our hike, freezed. It was below -20 C because of the wind. This time the wind was sometimes above 130km/h, but it was just fine to test my new K-jacket. And the weather was about 14 C this time, in the middle of july.

So one week ago, instead of going to Fagaras, I've arrived in Ciucas. The testground of my new equipment and the faithfull partners in my future hikes: the new Nikon D40x, and the Millet K jacket.

This is not a ballet, but an open air wind tunnel :D

Summer colours:

Irresistible sky:

Quarrel with the elderes:

100% Natural guardians:

This kiss, this kiss...

The wind and its masterpiece:

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