Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back from a great snowboarding week in St. Anton am Arlberg

And now we're back form the great winter hollyday in St. Anton (snif snif...).
Here there is my personal oppinion about this resort, and the first photos:

on the + side:

It is trully one of the best skiresorts of Europe, which has its place in the http://www.bestofthealps.com
Great ski runs, in number and length.
Excelent groomed.
Modern fast lifts.
Many options for free riding.
Nice village.
Very close to Lech-Zurs another great winter resort.

on the - side:

Too many people which tend to crowd on few slopes, the ones which give acces to the lifts. This leads to very fast damage of the most popular runs.
Free ride trade-off: either it is forbidden and you might risk your life, but you have a suuuperb snow, either it is allowed and then in less than one hour all the great snow dissapears ridden in all directions by a ravageous horde of enthusiastic tourists.
It is very expensive to ski in St. Anton.
Too many flat portions linking the ski runs (for snowboarders this really sucks !).

After being in St. Anton some questions have arised: what is trully "free ride" ? and how to do it ?
In this moment I think that a pure free ride experience is about going up by foot (or by hellycopter - if you are reach or supported by some company) and the going down in some remote, untouched mountains and valleys. Mandatory are the ARVA, ABS and digging tools. And the satisfaction will be limiteless.
keep riding !

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